STARS was born out of necessity. Too many people living in rural areas were dying needlessly. People weren’t getting the care they needed fast enough. We couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. So, we took a new path.

When our first helicopter took flight in 1985, we didn’t just offer hope to the hopeless. We radically changed the way critical care was delivered. But creating that change didn’t happen overnight. We struggled to pay for fuel. We persevered to build support. It was tough, but we didn’t relent. Because we knew our fight was one worth fighting. And so we built a community of allies in our fight. And the more allies we had, the better we could deliver the care people really needed. More people were surviving.

Today we continue that fight for life. We fight as innovators. As boundary pushers. We fight as world leaders in emergency medical care. We fight because every life is worth it. Hope only survives when we fight together. And the courage to fight for life is within us all.

Together, we are all STARS.