While Wes Reed was working around his house, he climbed up on a ladder, one which he admits he never should have gotten on. Seconds later, the ladder bent and Wes toppled to the ground. In the fall he suffered a serious leg injury that he said “pretty much amputated my foot.”

Wes was transported by ground to the hospital in Killarney where staff realized he would need immediate surgery and called for STARS to transport him to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Wes credits the work of first responders, his surgeon in Winnipeg and STARS for helping to save his foot.

“It’s quite possible I would have lost my foot had STARS not been on the scene. When they picked me up it was a windy day and it was 40 minutes from my house to Winnipeg. The crew was absolutely amazing.”

A lifelong musician and originally from Kentucky, Wes and his wife Barb perform for seniors in Manitoba and Arizona, where they live during the winter. He is thankful for the work of STARS in helping to save his foot and allowing him to continue performing.

“I thank STARS on a regular basis for being there for me, and if anyone ever needs the service, thank God they’re around for them.”