Caiden Hendry had never heard about STARS until the day the helicopter landed at the scene of his accident and the medical crew helped save his life.

Today, he and his family are loyal supporters of STARS, sharing Caiden’s story every chance they get and volunteering to help with special events and promotions.

While dirt biking with his family, Caiden lost control driving too fast over a hill and landed face down in the gravel, with his bike on top of him.

He remembers the pain and the horror of seeing one of his leg bones sticking out of his body. “It hurt a lot. I was so scared I asked my mom if I was going to die.”

When the STARS crew arrived, Caiden’s mom Kalie said she felt instant relief knowing that her young son was in good hands, with excellent medical care in the back of the helicopter and that he was going to get to the hospital quickly.

“For four months after the surgeon put metal rods in my leg I had to do lots of tough physiotherapy,” said Caiden. “While I was recovering, I learned to play Angie, by The Rolling Stones, on my guitar.”

Today, Caiden is working hard to regain his hockey skills as a defenceman and stay healthy and strong. He plays baseball and still rides his dirt bike, although he thinks about the activity differently now.

“I think a lot more about safety when I go dirt biking,” he said.

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