What do you get when you cross a rural wedding with an angry diabetic ex-boyfriend, a sick grandmother, and a fist-happy best man? A whole lot of challenges for STARS flight paramedics and nurses.

That was the scene for the 2017 ALL STARS event, an annual simulation competition pitting the top teams from each of STARS’ six bases against each other.

Flight Paramedic Shannon Koch and Flight Nurse Thomas Koch of Regina, the eventual champions, take their turn during the All STARS Sim Competition at the Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club on photographed on Thursday, June 8, 2017. Air Medical Crew pairs who won at their home STARS base competed in a simulation set at a rural wedding where a grandmother falls seriously ill, a jilted ex-lover crashes the party, and a best man fights the intruder. Photographer: Lyle Aspinall

Congratulations to Flight Nurse Thomas Froh and Flight Paramedic Shannon Koch from our Regina base for winning this year’s competition. They advance to compete in the Air Medical Transport Conference this October in Fort Worth, Texas.

At STARS we’re always working to become better and to improve patient care. Simulation competitions like this go a long way toward that goal.