I’ve enjoyed the first day of seeding with my dad for the past 30 years. It’s one of the most exciting times on the farm.

But one spring, that excitement quickly turned to my worst nightmare.

I was on the ground dialing in the air seeder — unaware I was in a blind spot — and was inadvertently run over by a service truck.

While I lay there with broken bones, struggling to breathe and maintain consciousness due to a punctured lung, my father called for help, then cried and prayed by my side.

In the back of the STARS helicopter, I wondered if I would survive. My flight paramedic and nurse gave me hope and encouragement to fight for my life.

One year later I was back in that same field, farming with my dad.

My recovery has been difficult, but I was determined to get back to being a husband and father as soon as I could. I’ve even been dirt biking with my wife and three kids —something I wasn’t sure would be possible a year earlier.

I’m amazed by the gifted individuals at STARS who put their hearts into their work. As I watch my children and my crops grow, I’m incredibly grateful.