Meet Ted De Beaudrap. His resume reads like this: robot surgeon, blood transporter, helmet repairman, 3D-printing hobbyist, etc. And that’s just one day of work.

Ted is our Sim Tech, a role mainly dedicated to ensuring our 23 patient simulators — and their complex electronics — keep working, but he has turned his job into so much more, adding helmet-electronics and mascot-fan repairman to his job, to name a few.

He’s even taken it upon himself to integrate his 3-D printing hobby into his job. Our C-MAC Video Laryngoscopes come with three blades, but when we obtained three more, there was no easy place to store the extras with the case, so Ted custom-designed 3D-printed trays that fit the case and shipped them out to all six of our bases.

What’s more, he’s one of a handful at his hangar to do the mandatory twice-weekly Blood on Board blood exchange, which he’s done aboard his motorcycle a few times.

“Ultimately it’s the mission of STARS,” said Ted. “I believe that some day my work will reach the patient. Something that I did may make a difference on a real patient… I believe the work that I do supports the mission.”