We’re all familiar with the economic reality in pockets of Western Canada.

This slowdown, related to the falling price of oil and a sagging exchange rate, is hurting some families and businesses. As an organization that relies on community support, we, too, are feeling the pinch at STARS.

Each province and individual feels the impacts differently, but we are all touched by it in some way.

Our flagship events are returning about half the donations of previous years and we even see a decline in corporate and individual donations, which affects our entire organization. At STARS, we know we aren’t the only charity feeling the pressure as individuals, families and organizations take a critical look at their own financial situation.

Moving forward, here’s the good news: STARS has survived, and even thrived, through challenges in the past. We’ve had the good fortune to benefit from the people and organizations that have stuck with us through the good times and the slow times. We have a 30-year history of dealing with periods of adversity by being nimble, innovative and dedicated to the mission. These are the keys to our success and will be what gets us through this period, too.

Like other responsible charities, we are diversifying our work, finding new ways to fundraise and looking for efficiencies. We will continue to be excellent stewards of your donations and make decisions that are best for the patient.

We are just as optimistic about STARS’ future now as we ever have been. That’s because we have an incredible team composed of talented, skilled and dedicated people who are focused on a meaningful mission that has impacted thousands of lives across the communities we serve.

Individual and corporate support has helped us fly more than 30,000 missions over the past 30 years across Western Canada, and the reality is, there are thousands more missions to come.

Thank you for always being there for us.

Most current headshot of CEO Andrea Robertson


Andrea Robertson

President & CEO
STARS & STARS Foundation