Back in February, we made a plea to Albertans that was unprecedented in the 23-year history of the STARS lottery.

For the first time ever, we were in danger of not selling out.

The lottery isn’t just any fundraiser for us. It generates a full third of the revenue needed to keep STARS in the sky. It’s crucial to pay for fuel in our tanks, medicines in our IVs, and the skilled staff in the helicopter who put it all to use.

It makes it possible for us to impact the lives of thousands of patients in Alberta every year.

With the economic climate so stormy, we had no idea what to expect when we when made our plea to Albertans. The response turned out to be overwhelming in every sense of the word.

Our phone lines were jammed. Website traffic surged. Even the fax lines were churning out orders. Albertans from communities big and small, rural and urban, from north, south, east and west stepped forward to help our organization out.

Through every ticket sold, Albertans showed us they had our back.

More than $2 million worth of tickets were bought in just three short days.

Then with just hours to spare before the deadline, the last ticket was sold. Albertans have come through for us in a big way, and we cannot thank you enough.

Over thirty years ago, STARS was founded on a simple, but ambitious, goal: to save more lives. Over the years, the community has enabled STARS to pursue our mission through your donations, bake sales, community events, and your support of the lottery.

It takes a community to save a life, and you play a key role in making that possible.

On behalf of an organization so greatly humbled and appreciative of every Albertan’s support: thank you. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for your steadfast commitment through good times and bad.

You have truly proven that when times are tough, Albertans are tougher.



Andrea Robertson

President & CEO
STARS & STARS Foundation