From time to time, we are asked: Why does STARS need to fundraise? Some of you wonder why we aren’t fully government funded, or deemed an essential service.

For us at STARS, that answer is simple: We fundraise to achieve excellence.

As you will read in this issue of Horizons, your funding fuels the innovation and excellence of our program. You see this in the highly specialized equipment in our aircraft and in our training programs: We have airborne ultrasound and ventilators which are the airborne equivalent of what you’d see in an ICU; our night vision goggle program was the first civilian program in Canada to be granted permission from the federal government and blood transfusions onboard the helicopter, which STARS pioneered in North America.

You can see excellence in our crew training programs, which are focused on making sure the highest standard of clinical care is available for patients. This level of excellence allows our teams to compete – and often win – in an international competition against renowned institutions like the Mayo Clinic and others.

And you see innovation and excellence in our mobile education program – which was a first in North America when we launched it. This program allows us to bring critical care training that might not otherwise be available to rural practitioners.

As you know, governments at all levels are subject to many competing economic, political, and community priorities. If we rely exclusively on government funding, we will not be able to maintain our vital program and keep it cutting edge.

Your support doesn’t just make STARS possible, it makes us exceptional. In short, our unique funding model, blending support from individual donors, governments, and the business community, gives us the financial stability we need for the next 30 years. We can’t thank you enough for all you do to support STARS.



Andrea Robertson

President & CEO
STARS & STARS Foundation