It’s impossible to say how much we appreciate our volunteers. National Volunteer Week 2018 just wrapped, and we spent the past several days on Twitter and Instagram highlighting a few of our helpers from across all six STARS bases. They’re all allies in voluntarism, helping out at STARS galas, educating the public at rural events, and doing so much more.

We thank all of our volunteers for everything they do to support our mission.

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with STARS, contact for more information.

Cheryl and Cynthia Zatwarnitski, Regina

Cheryl and Cynthia Zatwarnitski

Volunteering for STARS is our way of giving back. In 2007, our brother, Darren, was in a motorcycle accident in Calgary. With massive injuries, ground transportation and time were factors. STARS was called to the scene and played a pivotal role in his survival. STARS saves lives! Giving back, with grateful hearts, is a small price to pay for the gift of life!”

Bonnie Fortin, Saskatoon

Bonnie Fortin

“I started volunteering with STARS after they saved my life, and because of them my boys have their mother. I am inspired to continue because of their commitment to providing the high level of service that is a necessity in our rural communities. They put a lot of heart and soul into what they do. To them it’s more than a job. I am fortunate to be included in such an amazing organization, and we have a lot of fun doing it! The service they provide us with is unsurpassable, and the people are too!”

Candace Elford, Edmonton

Candace Elford

“I volunteer for STARS because it is an important service that many take for granted and do not know how much is based on donation. A dear family friend of ours was saved and it opened my eyes to the importance of STARS and doing what I can to keep the helicopters in the sky. I really enjoy meeting patients who are donating their time to help STARS and hearing their remarkable stories. Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with at STARS is so committed and makes volunteering so much fun.”

Candace is the chair committee for the Pursenal Mission fundraiser:

Deb Wesche, Calgary

Deb Wesche

“A few years ago, I had some time when I reduced my work schedule. I wanted to volunteer for an organization that I could relate to and had a significant impact in Calgary and Alberta. My family and friends are very active and we are frequently in the mountains skiing, hiking and biking. We often have seen the STARS helicopter flying overhead when we were travelling on the highway and it was comforting to know that this essential service was available. From my first phone call and orientation with STARS, I was impressed with the professionalism and welcoming environment. The diversity and the positive energy of the other volunteers I have met has also been a rewarding experience. The staff at STARS are engaged and appreciative of the volunteers. The volunteer opportunities at the various events such as the Annual Gala and Stampede breakfast have been really fun as well. I look forward to continuing to help out in any way that I can.”


Jaicey Forman, Bernadette Gordon and Debbie Gardiner, Grande Prairie

Jaicey Forman, Debbie Gardiner, and Bernadette Gordon

Jaicey Forman

“I have had STARS as my charity of choice with EPIC (Employees Participating in Communities) ever since I started with ATCO. I like that Alberta has this service. When my daughter and her friends were in a car rollover, it was reassuring to know that if they had needed STARS, they were there for them. “

Bernadette Gordon

“I feel fulfilled when I participate in community volunteer events, especially when it is a worthy cause – like STARS. They provide a vital service for Albertans and when I hear that helicopter fly – I think about that person who needs them. It could easily be me or a family member in there, since we’re always outside. There may be a time that STARS is needed and I know they’ll be there.” #nvw2018 #WeAreAllSTARS #volunteer

Debbie Gardiner

“STARS is very close to my heart, as we had to use the service some years ago. When you volunteer for any charity, you’re grateful that you’re able to help support your community and surrounding areas. And you know… every little bit helps.”


Doug Wiens, Winnipeg

Doug Wiens

“I volunteer because I believe I can make a difference. Melvin Jones’ (Lions Club International) famous quote is as true today as it was when he first said it: “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for someone else.” Volunteers are the backbone of our communities and organizations. I volunteer for STARS because they can be the difference between life and death in the rural communities. Lions helped STARS at the beginning and continue to do so today. One random act of kindness.”