April 23-29, 2017 marks national volunteer week! On behalf of the entire STARS crew, thank you to all of our volunteers for being our allies and giving us your time. From helping out at our galas, to educating the public at rural events, we thank you for all that you do to support our mission.

This year, we are featuring volunteers from all of our bases. Every day during volunteer week, we will update this page with a new volunteer profile.

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with STARS, contact volunteer@stars.ca for more information.


Stu Wilson – Calgary, AB

Stu Wilson

I am a STARS VIP and a volunteer. 20 years ago this summer, I was involved in a head on collision on Hwy 9 just east of Hanna. STARS came to my rescue and because of STARS, I am here today.
I started volunteering immediately after coming to the Calgary base to meet my pilot and nurse. From then on, I wanted to “pay it back” and “pay if forward” for all the work STARS did for me and for all of those who will need STARS special critical care. I do all I can for this wonderful organization so that others will get the same “chance at life” that STARS gave to me.


Jeff McConnell – Winnipeg, MB

Jeff McConnell - Winnipeg

In my volunteer opportunities I’ve met several STARS employees: pilots, paramedics, nurses, fundraisers, the CEO and more.  I’ve learned that each STARS staffer is dedicated, serves with pride and is committed to the patient and to the service.  It is a privilege to consider myself part of the STARS family as a volunteer, and to help STARS serve our community with this vital first responder service.


Clay Sparks – Saskatoon, SK

Clay Sparks - Saskatoon

When you are a bit of a serial entrepreneur and your time is limited, you really want to be careful how you invest your personal and professional hours!  There are no shortage of meaningful and valued charities that I could choose to invest my time with.  For me, there has to be a personal touch and a reason for my involvement.  I also need to feel like my skills, talents, and passions can be used creatively to maximize the efforts being put forth.  STARS has been a perfect organization for me to tap into those key points and help raise awareness and funds for this essential service!


Colleen Calder – Grande Prairie, AB

Colleen Calder - Grande Prairie

Once upon a time, I did not know what STARS was all about.  When I saw STARS in the local grocery stores selling expensive band aids and calendars, I would sneak past them so I didn’t feel pressured. Other times I was actually rude! I could not figure out why they were doing this, I never stopped to listen and I definitely did not ask questions.

My son was critically injured in May 2013.  It was a life/death situation that he be transferred to a hospital in Edmonton from Grande Prairie and any other mode of transport was just not fast enough.  This is when I found out about Stars.  The doctor at Grande Prairie hospital led me into the ER room where my son was in a coma, and I was introduced to the STARS team that was transporting my son to Edmonton.  While at the Edmonton hospital, I worried how we were going to pay for the helicopter ride for him. Would his benefits pay for something like that? I was informed that we would not receive a bill for that trip! Wow, I was amazed and am still amazed.

When asked why I volunteer for STARS, I say that my son was injured and his recovery was all because of STARS and the medical team that treated him. When I am asked now, why I volunteer, I just say, “why wouldn’t I?”  I can not donate enough of my time in return for what STARS did for me. I plan on volunteering for a long, long time. I have never believed in something so much in my life as I do in what STARS is doing. STARS and its employees, and the people that support STARS are nothing but the very best.


Toni Gannon – Edmonton, AB

Toni Gannon - Edmonton

“I chose to volunteer for STARS because I have worked in the oil and gas industry for 32 years and STARS has airlifted co-workers and friends that have been injured and needed immediate medical attention. As a proud monthly donor, I also wanted to give more, so volunteering my time when needed seemed to be the best way.”


Karlie Chatterson – Regina, SK

Karlie Chatterson - Regina

“It has been my privilege to work alongside so many great people at STARS. The opportunity allows me to work with amazing people who come together for the same purpose – to give our province hope at a time that really matters.

My family, friends and colleagues are traveling daily on the highways. By volunteering for STARS, I have peace of mind that if they were ever in a time of need, they would be in the best hands. Every year after the Regina Gala, I am reminded that by helping organize the gala event, we brought awareness to a few more people and touched their hearts. By doing this, they too will see how important it is that we invest in such a great non-for-profit organization like STARS”