When STARS crews respond to a call for a critically ill or injured patient, time is of the essence. Thanks to the i-STAT Point of Care system, a handheld portable blood analyzer, the team in the back of the helicopter is able to retrieve vital information, and then deliver care based on the results.

Here’s how it works:

  1. It’s like a medical laboratory in the palm of your hand. The i-STAT can test an array of lab values, such as blood gases, electrolytes and hemoglobin, using only a few drops of blood.
  2. The sample is processed at the patient’s side, allowing crews to deliver continual care based on actual patient lab results.
  3. Results are delivered in two minutes.
  4. The i-STAT system automatically runs quality checks to ensure the device is functioning properly each time a sample is tested.
  5. No wi-fi or electrical outlet is required. Battery operation means the i-STAT can go anywhere. Because it doesn’t transmit a signal, crews can even use it in the air.