STARS has never been just about a helicopter; it’s always been about delivering world-class patient care. It’s been about finding ways to improve the mission for you, your family and your friends – whether patients are inside our helicopters or not.

We know excellence isn’t achieved by resting on your laurels. It’s achieved by researching, innovating and always improving.

Our team keeps abreast of advancing technologies, breakthroughs in research and development, and innovations in aviation and medicine so that our crews will have access to the best equipment and expertise.

As a charity, STARS can only do this because we have your steadfast support. We fundraise at all six of our bases across Western Canada to ensure we can be
there for the next patient who needs us.

Your funding fuels the innovation and excellence of the program, and you don’t have to look far to see examples of this.

You see this in the highly specialized equipment in the back of our aircraft, including ultrasound, cardiac monitors and ventilators that are the airborne equivalent of what you would see in an ICU. Our Night Vision Goggle program was the first civilian program in Canada to be granted permission from the federal government, while our mobile education program was also the first in North America.

One of the programs we are most proud of is blood on board, which allows us to carry out life-saving transfusions in the air, saving precious moments that were previously spent stopping at a hospital for blood.

In this issue of Horizons, we are excited to showcase a few other innovations we are especially proud of at STARS, including how we process lab results in the air, how our new radio infrastructure will save us money and improve communications as well as an introduction to the newest member of our simulation family.

This cutting edge technology is only possible because you continue to believe in the STARS mission. Thank you.


Andrea Robertson

President & CEO
STARS & STARS Foundation