Donations come to us in different ways. Sometimes, they arrive with fanfare and public celebration. Other times, they are quiet and subtle.

Dennis and Donna Flanagan chose a low-key approach when they made a large donation to STARS during a recent 30th anniversary event to celebrate and honour past board members.

The couple took STARS founder Dr. Greg Powell and his wife Linda aside and shared with them a heartfelt letter.

“Accompanying the letter was a gift of $100,000 from their family,” said Linda. “We are so grateful for the Flanagan family and their support of STARS today and in the critical formative years.”

Dennis has a long history with STARS, dating back to 1991 when he was the first chairman of the STARS Foundation. While his tenure ended in 1995, his relationship with the organization carries on today.

“When I joined STARS, I was instantly wrapped up in the enthusiasm of a new medical service like everyone else,” said Flanagan, who worked in the energy sector for most of his career.

“The next thing you know, the helicopter was landing in rural areas and the crews were saving children. Soon, entire towns and villages were behind them. I knew then that this group would always mean a lot to me.”

Dennis, Donna and their children hope to inspire others to support STARS with a donation. “I believe the only reason many people have survived terrible accidents over the years is because STARS was there.”